Our Story

The Foundation

In the late 1800's, Curran Alexander Snider (b. 1868) and his wife Frances (b. 1870) purchased a partially built home and tract of land in the Reeds community of Davidson County, North Carolina.  Interestingly, the home was purchased from a local liquor distiller who had fled to Missouri to avoid paying taxes on their product.

Curran Alexander Snider House

The Home Place

Curran and Frances completed the construction of the home, paying great attention to architectural details.  The couple raised four girls and four boys in the house (James Eugene, b. 1911, being our father and grandfather, respectively). The family farmed the land growing tobacco, corn, wheat, and vegetables.

The Family

The New Generation

In 2001, recognizing the land was well suited for planting European vinifera wine grapes, we (direct decedents of Curran and Frances) planted our first vineyards with the goal of:

- making excellent wines that exhibit the character of the land,

- honoring the legacy (and hard work) of Curran, Frances, and their children, and, 

- maintaining the agricultural heritage of the land.

Since then, hard work and persistence has paid off. We hope you enjoy our wines!